Afghan officials deny United Nations report regarding prisoners torture in Afghan jails.

Afghanistan4Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi confirmed Afghan police and security guards of the prisons have misbehaved with the detainees in a number of cases however he said that prisoners torture is not the policy of the Afghan government.

Acting Afghan spy chief Esamuddin Esam also denied the reports and interview of the prisoners.

According to a UN report, the use of torture has risen in Afghan police jails over the past year, and there are “credible reports” the country’s intelligence service has created secret prisons and sometimes hides detainees from international observers.

The latest report shows little progress in curbing abuse in Afghan prisons despite efforts by the U.N. and international military forces in Afghanistan. The report released Sunday also cites instances where Afghan authorities have tried to hide mistreatment from U.N. monitors.

The report also added that just over half of prisoners held in connection with Afghanistan’s long-running war endured torture or ill-treatment while in custody between October 2011 and October 2012, with 14 different methods recorded, including electric shocks, twisting of genitals, beatings with cables and rifle butts and suspension from the wrists or feet.

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